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The El Dorado real estate Wrocław company provides comprehensive brokerage services in both the rental and sale of real estate. We care about the efficient course of the transaction and professional legal and organizational service for each client.

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El Dorado Estate agency Wrocław

The El Dorado real estate company operates in the field of real estate brokerage in Wrocław and the surrounding area. When you decide to cooperate with our office, you use the services of real estate experts who specialize in searching for offers and adapting them to your requirements and needs. Our team will also advise on the preparation of real estate for rent and sale, help with all formalities and provide advice in order to achieving a satisfactory transaction price.

We also offer our clients service in English.

We are also distinguished by reliable and comprehensive investor service. Our company, as one of the few, specializes in searching for and preparing investment offers. We deal with the entire process, from finding a property with business potential, through renovation, to renting or subsequent resale of the property, so as to involve the investor’s time as little as possible.

Real estate for every budget

Are you planning to buy an apartment or a house?
Are you looking for interesting rental offers?
Or maybe you want to sell a property?

We will comprehensively take care of the entire process of buying, selling and renting a property. We operate not only in the city of Wrocław, but also outside the city, looking for attractive premises and investment places. We are here for you to find a place where you will always want to come back

Home Staging

We prepare real estates to the sale or lease through attractive arranging of the interior, which will emphasize its character in a proper way and will be interested for as many as possible people, and also will make faster the finalization process.

Our Team

Patryk Wierciszewski

Patryk Wierciszewski

Boss. He thinks he controls the entire company and let him stay that way 😊

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Wrocław. He has extensive experience in the real estate market. He specializes in the preparation of investment ‘ready-to rent’, as well as in real estate divisions, separations and transformations. Nothing is impossible for him and it is difficult to surprise him, but we encourage customers not to stop trying.

Rafał Klimek

Rafał Klimek

Senior real estate advisor

Graduate of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Economics in Wrocław. Specializes in sales brokerage on the secondary market. Maximizing the income possible to obtain from a given property is his thing. He approaches the transaction comprehensively - he will search for the best investment offer, obtain the appropriate permits and documentation, and will deal with the renovation of the property. In interpersonal contacts, he is extremely patient, and his inborn ambition does not allow him to leave a client satisfied only in 99%.

Aneta Zapotoczna

Aneta Zapotoczna

Senior real estate advisor

Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Wrocław. Specializes in both real estate sales and rentals. She operates on the secondary and primary markets. Aneta is distinguished by extensive legal and tax knowledge. She is vigilant as a notary and smart as a detective. She will carefully analyze each document and, above all, she will meticulously ensure the security of the supervised transaction.

Iwona Pociecha

Senior real estate advisor

She feels great both in selling real estate and renting them. She operates on the secondary and primary markets in the Lubin-Polkowice and Głogów region. She has connections in the development industry, which he willingly uses when preparing an offer for a client. She is familiar with sales transactions of built-up and undeveloped land. Iwona, based on her many years of experience, will lead the client "by the hand" from the beginning to the very end of the transaction.

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