Property Valuation

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Property Valuation

Both when selling real estate and wanting to buy it, it is good to determine its value in a reliable way. This is not an easy task – it requires knowledge of the market, but also inspection of a given premises / plots in terms of their technical and legal condition or the technological solutions used. Issues related to equipment and location are also important.

The price entered in the advertisement is of great importance for people browsing the offers of apartments for sale. It can even be a decisive factor in the interest in a given property or the immediate rejection of an offer.

Therefore, when setting the price, we take into account the current situation on the real estate market, precise and reliable data from transaction systems and what is invaluable – the real needs of the target group, including their requirements and financial capabilities. We cooperate with property appraisers during valuations.

We are also at the disposal of clients who want to commission reports, summaries or analyzes of real estate markets on a regional and local scale. On the basis of the prepared documents, it becomes possible to have a thorough insight into the current situation in the industry, which facilitates making investment decisions.

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