Investment Advicing

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Investment advicing

Our team, using substantive knowledge and accumulated experience, selects investment offers, which are then presented to our interested clients. We provide an individual approach to your requirements and needs as well as the necessary support throughout the entire investment process.

The offer we prepare does not only consist in identifying real estate, but also in a complete assessment of profitability, proposing a business model that takes into account both the rate of return on investment, as well as transaction security and rental continuity. Our calculations include all the costs associated with a given investment – e.g. transaction costs, real estate tax, fees related to the maintenance of the apartment.

Depending on location, a flat might be used for both long-term and short-term rental. We will advice you how to arrange a flat so that they universally meet the requirements of tenants.

Investment properties that we most often offer to our clients are mainly flats to be divided into studios or micro-studios, which has recently been very popular among tenants.

Another model that is also appreciated by our clients is the division of the apartment into rooms and the adaptation of the property for rent, e.g. for students.

We also offer assistance in the already mentioned renovation and modernization of the apartment, taking into account its future use.
We cooperate with proven renovation teams, with the help of which you can quickly get the expected end result at the lowest possible cost.

Our professionalism manifests itself in many efficiently carried out investments. In addition, our investors appreciate the safety of transactions and high rates of return on invested capital.

We also specialize in comprehensive management above the real estate that You bought, thank for what the owner is free from all responsibilities related with its servicing, but only is feeling satisfaction from pretended investment and incomes brought by her.

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