remont mieszkania nieruchomości wrocław


We provide a comprehensive realisation of renovation and construction services by professional companies. They offer a professional help in choosing proper materials and functional solutions and constructions, also turnkey finishes. Our office most of all offers a professional valuation of costs of the renovation of every real estate. For interested Clients we offer a management above the renovation, thank for what that process will not demand from You any time and commitment. When we talk about the management we deal with issues like: obtaining all necessary permits and required approvals, among others, from the property manager, connection to electricity, gas, or settlement of necessary formalities, e.g. at the city hall.

Payments for the completed stage of works are made in tranches, according to the schedule agreed earlier in the contract. On every stage we monitories a renovation and check if it goes according to the plan. We also take photos so that to show the owner the progress of the renovation, so that he can see every changes that are taking place. We care about good contact with the client and try to give everyone the confidence of professionally done services. For our Client wish, we can also care about equipping a flat. If the owner gives us a free hand about equipping, we’ll realize it according to specific fixed price range. However, if we get specific expectations for the equipment, we’ll take them fully into account and implement them in accordance with the owner’s guidelines.



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