Financial Investments


Our team, based on our long-term experience, will prepare the offer of most beneficial and income putting up your capital or safe usage of the leverage for you.

We will prepare a special individual offer for You, based on a market analysis, compatible with Your preferences, which let us maximize your return on investment.

An offer prepared by us is not just an indication of the property, but also a full profitability assessment, proposing a business model including both the rate of return on investment and transaction security as well as rental continuity.

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A division of the flat into rooms and adapting the real estate up to the lease e.g. for students or working young persons is one of ways of increasing the passive income.

In this case renovations are less time taking, because the flat requires only a division of spacious rooms on smaller what allows to gain better possibilities and satisfactory rates of return on investment.


Investment real estates which we offer to our customers, are among others flats to the division into studios or micro studios what in the recent time is enjoying the great popularity with customers.

We offer our clients division of big flats into smaller ones about the surface from 15 to 30 m2. Division of the flats into so called: 2-buds, 3-buds, 4-buds allows to increase the value of the real estate even twice!

That business model requires a bigger involvement, but thank for it our investors get high rates of return.

Depending on the location the flat can be allocated both up to the long-term, as well as short-term rent. We will advise, how to furnish a flat so that meets the requirements of both types of the lease.

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We arrange or advise on how to arrange apartments so that they meet the requirements of tenants and the latest trends

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